The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 will soon be more useful

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Ever since the Apple app store burst onto the scene, all the tech giants have looked to set up their own versions of these ecosystem squeezing environments. Two examples of these are Google’s Play Store and since the launch of the operating system back in October 2021, Windows 11’s Microsoft store. Unlike Softonic which is the ultimate app store that covers all apps, these try to capture all the apps that are available in their own specific ecosystem. However, as well as the apps available on them, these stores have features themselves and the Windows 11 Microsoft Store has been badly lacking some of the most basic features these stores need, that is at least until now.

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Microsoft has announced several new features for the Microsoft Store in a Windows Developer Blog post. The updated features will bring some rather basic yet totally necessary features to the Store as well as some interesting cross-platform tools too.

The Microsoft Store on Windows 11 will soon be more useful

The first feature the Microsoft Store is getting is a Restore All button. This isn’t groundbreaking at all, but it will make a huge difference for any Windows users upgrading their machines. Basically, the feature will a Microsoft user to log into their account on a new machine and then restore all the apps they have previously purchased from the Microsoft Store onto the new machine. Yes, it is a bit crazy that this feature wasn’t always there but then there you go.

Another interesting feature that actually innovates a little bit is an update of the Windows Search feature. This will see the Microsoft Store integrated into the Windows Search tool so that you can download new apps without even having to open the Store in the first place. All you will have to do is search for the app and then if it is available on the Microsoft Store you will see the Get from Store option right there in the search tool itself.

In terms of inter-platform interoperability, Microsoft is continuing to work with the Amazon app store to help bring the Android apps listed there to more Microsoft users. According to Microsoft, “The Amazon Appstore preview is currently available in the U.S., and it will expand to five additional countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, by the end of this year.”

So, there you have it. The Microsoft Store is going to be more like a proper app store very soon and Android apps will also be much easier to use on Windows very soon. If you are intrigued about Android apps coming to Windows, read our report on it now.

Image via: Microsoft

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