Microsoft is making it easier to run Android apps on Windows 11

Patrick Devaney


The Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Android is a brand-new innovation from Microsoft that allows Windows 11 users to run Android apps on their desktops. Microsoft introduced the new way to run Android apps on Windows 11 back in February and it seems that the software giant has been working on developing the feature further. The company has recently announced some changes and improvements to the feature that are on the way.

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The biggest change coming with the recently announced changes seems to be an update of the version of Android the Windows Subsystem for Android actually runs. The current version of the subsystem seems to run Android 11, but it looks like that will now be updated to Android version 12.1.

Microsoft is making it easier to run Android apps on Windows 11

The update is also bringing with it improved integration, better functionality, and smoother operation. One example of improved integration is that the Windows taskbar will now show which Android apps are using the microphone, location services, or system operations. Another is that an auto-hiding taskbar will always correctly hide or show when Android apps are running.

Other key improvements include improved keyboard and mouse functionality on Android apps with Microsoft proudly explaining that your mouse’s scroll wheel will be able to work too. Improvements to Android app integration with your PC’s camera will come with the update too.

The Settings app for the Windows Subsystem for Android has also been redesigned with Microsoft saying, “We’ve redesigned the app from the ground up, now with clearer settings groups, grouped navigation and an all-around cleaner user experience.”

At the moment, the Windows Subsystem for Android is only available to members of the Windows Insider Program, but that is because the feature still needs improving before it can receive a general rollout. This means that unless you are comfortable playing around with advanced system settings, you would be best waiting a while before trying to give it a try.

It is good, however, to see Microsoft continuing to work on its partnership with Android and bringing users a chance to unify their work across mobile and desktop. If that is exciting to you and you do want to give it a try, don’t worry, we have got you covered. You just need to check out our full guide to running Android apps on Windows.

Image via: Microsoft

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