Microsoft fixes voice issues affecting Windows 11 and rolls out important security update

Patrick Devaney


Windows 11 updates form an important part of the Windows 11 experience, keeping your operating system up to date with the latest features but also fixing errors and bugs and keeping you safe while using your computer. Today we bring you news of two updates doing exactly those two things. Here is what you need to know.

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Some users have been reporting issues with the Windows 11 speech to text input feature. The speech recognition service usually opens up when users hit the Windows button and the H key at the same time. Unfortunately, however, this has not been working for some users recently, with the message “Something went wrong” showing up instead of the usual speech to text service.

Microsoft fixes voice issues affecting Windows 11 and rolls out important security update

Fortunately, Microsoft has now rolled out a patch to the problem, meaning all affected users should now be able to use the feature as normal. If this bug has been preventing you from using this key accessibility feature you should now be able to take advantage of it once again.

In other Windows 11 news, a report by Forbes has confirmed a new Zero-day vulnerability affecting Windows. The vulnerability has low complexity and doesn’t require user interaction meaning there is a high likelihood that the vulnerability could be exploited by malicious actors.

The vulnerability was successfully flagged to Microsoft by four security agencies and the software giant has already rolled out a security patch to shut the vulnerability down. The security patch which rolled out yesterday as a part of Microsoft’s regular bi-weekly Windows 11 security patch schedule is available to run now for all Windows 11 users.

To install the patch or to check if it has been automatically implemented head to the Windows 11 settings menu and then select Update & Security. From there you should be able to see if the patch needs to be installed. We highly recommend you install in ASAP to keep your PC safe.

Did you know that Microsoft is also testing animated menu icons for Windows 11?

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