Windows 11 is testing animated settings icons

Patrick Devaney


Windows, like most operating systems, isn’t supposed to be the most exciting piece of software you can buy. Instead, you just want it to work. That is why Windows updates are such a controversial issue as a lot of the time they don’t work. However, it is still nice to see some entertaining little elements added to the operating system now and then, which is why a new update bringing animated settings icons to Windows 11 has raised a little smile here in Softonic HQ.

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The new animated icons have been spotted in the Windows Insider Build 25188 by a Microsoft MVP called Rafael Rivera. If you scroll down a little further, you can see the animated icons in his tweet shared below.

Windows 11 is testing animated settings icons

The animations activate whenever you hover the mouse cursor over a certain icon. The icons getting the animations are the System, Bluetooth and devices, Network and Internet, Personalization, Apps, Accounts, Time and Language, Gaming, Accessibility, Privacy and Security, and Windows Update icons.

What is funny here is just how much hate this tiny little tweak has created in the comments to Rafael’s tweet. There are plenty of people asking for a toggle switch to disable them, should the update receive a general rollout to all users. This is despite Microsoft calling the new animated icons delightful and unexpected moments of joy. Fortunately, if you disagree with Microsoft’s flowery description of this minor update, Rafael also reports that there will be an off switch.

As to when this update will roll out, however, there is less concrete news to report. The feature hasn’t even been rolled out to all Windows Insider users yet, which indicates it is still in the early stages of testing.

In other recent Windows 11 news, there are already signs coming out that Microsoft has started working on Windows 12.

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