The Windows 11 Photos app is getting a significant upgrade

Patrick Devaney


The Windows Photo app has been a faithful old friend to many of us for years and years. It has always been there for us whenever we’ve needed to view an image on our PCs and laptops and has recently started to see increased functionality such as basic editing tools added to it too. It has to be said, however, that it has mostly been left behind by the more advanced cloud-based offerings such as Google Photos and Apple Photos. Well, Microsoft has rolled out a Windows update that includes some rather interesting upgrades to the Windows 11 Photos app. Let’s check it out.

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Microsoft has begun rolling out the Windows 11 2022 Update in over 190 countries and one of the more interesting aspects of the update relates to an upgrade to the Windows 11 Photos app, which is already rolling out to Windows Insiders.

The Windows 11 Photos app is getting a significant upgrade

The updated Photos app has several new features including better integration with OneDrive making it easier to organize the photo collections you have backed up on the cloud, and an improved gallery, which will offer an easier and more engaging way of viewing your photos on your PC.

Other key features, which could see the Windows Photos app get a lot more use includes a new and improved Memories feature, similar to offerings you get from the likes of Google Photos and Apple Photos and an easier route for importing and managing photos from external sources such as your mobile or your camera.

One thing Microsoft does point out with news of this upgrade, however, is that it is removing the video editing capabilities offered by the older version of the Photos app, which must now be accessed via Clipchamp, which is anew video editing app available on the Windows Store.

In other recent Windows 11 news, full-screen widgets are coming to the Microsoft operating system.

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