New Windows 11 feature will tell you when your microphone and camera have been used

Patrick Devaney


Privacy is a big issue these days following years of corporate encroachments into everything we do. It goes beyond our web data too, with all the recording devices and sensors on our PCs and smartphones also able to harvest information about us. The good news is that Microsoft is working on a feature to Windows 11 that will help users take back a bit of control over this situation. Let’s take a look:

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Spotted in one of the June Windows 11 Preview Builds, the new feature will give Windows users a list of all the apps that have been accessing their sensitive information and contacts. The list will also include all the apps that have recently accessed devices like their microphone and camera too.

New Windows 11 feature will tell you when your microphone and camera have been used

Further to this information, this new privacy-focused list will also keep an eye on the apps that have been checking details like your location, details about your phone calls and messages as well as looking at any screenshots you may have been taking.

This new feature is currently only available to members of the Windows Insider Program, but it is on track to receive a wider rollout to all Windows users. When it does land on your version of Windows 11 you will be able to find it in the Windows 11 Settings app. You will need to go to Privacy and security and then App permissions to see a Recent activity drop-down menu.

The feature does still appear to be basic, not offering much information beyond time of access but it is a good start. We have seen a variety of phishing scams and malware attacks over recent weeks, so if you can see that apps have been behaving strangely thanks to this new feature you may think to target them with an antivirus scan. Interestingly, many of the scams we have seen try to access user contacts and messaging capabilities so that they can spread, which makes this list particularly useful for spotting that type of behavior.

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Image via: Bleeping Computer

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