Windows 11 and Android apps Compatibility

Shaun M Jooste


Windows 11 Will Have A Function To Sideload Android Applications

Things are steaming up as we await the arrival of the upcoming Windows 11 operating system. The one aspect that has been on everyone’s mind is whether you would be able to load apk files directly from the desktop. According to an inside source on Twitter, sideloading Android applications will become a reality.

At the moment, performing a similar function on the current Chrome OS is only possible by running line commands on Linux. It sounds like Windows 11 will use Amazon Appstore for the functionality, but how it will work isn’t exactly clear at the moment. All Microsoft is saying is that you’ll be able to acquire the apps via the store to load on the operation system.

Windows 11 and Android apps Compatability

A notable concern is that there are many apps on Google Play Store that aren’t on Amazon Appstore. If users have the ability to load their own apk files, the question of security and piracy arises. Where will you be able to access Play Store files, and will Microsoft have systems in place to check the sources? We’re sure Snapchatters will want some answers.

We’ll be waiting to see how much more information Microsoft will release on this feature. Hopefully, we’ll see some technical details over the next few weeks as more and more questions arrive. All we want to know is whether we’ll need to switch from Bluestacks to play PUBG mobile on Windows 11.

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